“We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams…”  Arthur O’Shaughnessy

The Exuberant Theatre Company

Practicing theatre, we travel through the full range of our emotions to arrive, finally emptied of all disharmony, at joy.  We are always learning to be more and more aware of and in control of our body, voice, emotions and mind. Continually striving for mastery, we build a theatrical ensemble and perform work that provides catharsis for our audience.  The result of complete catharsis is emotional calm. Only from calmness can we reclaim our energy for celebrating life–our exuberance.

We invite professional actors and non-professionals alike, to experience The Exuberant Theatre Company Training.  Drawing extensively upon the European Physical Theatre background of Artistic Director Sean A. Mulvihill, we combine the American-Russian psychological model (inside-out) with the Italian-French physical model (outside-in) of the actor.  This union of the two approaches furnishes a complete actor, one who can play his body, voice, mind and emotions like an instrument.  The actor who accomplishes that is a virtuoso.

In order to synthesize these two modes of working, we train in various areas of the theatre.  Furthermore, actors are members of the community at large and always must perform for an audience, so we also train how to fit our work into the context of the society in which we live.